Motherhood Week 182


Sitting on a bench in the rain

Watching our umbrella fly away

The long summer grass

Shadowed by the looming storm


Silent smiles


No words

My boy


The twinkle in your eye

Gleams like sunlight on

The rippling brook

Where searching hands delve 

To find stones to throw



Misplaced water

My boy

Sometimes I know which

Animal you will choose next

And I remember that once

You were a part of me


Extended outwards

To be held and set free

My boy

I watch you grow 

Away from me

Quite rightly so

And my love won’t always be

Allowed to be as close

As it is now



Hand received

My boy

Oh, to envelope this time

This magical 


Intimate time

And keep it safe 

From memory’s 

Loose grip


Yoghurt still smears 

Across your face

But you can fasten 

Your own shoes

You think answering 

Everything with the word 

Poo is hilarious

You are right

My boy


I am clambered upon

A human climbing frame

Your skins contact feels

Like a homecoming




The truth

My boy


To have grown you 

And fed you with 

My body

Of which you were a part

A part which I can love 

So freely


But a mother’s shining 

Cross to bear;


You do not belong to me


You are your own man

To become

And separate we shall be

You should separate from me

But attached forever 

I will be

My love

My boy.


Motherhood Week 180