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Motherhood Week 10

These are a new kind of tears.

Not born of sadness or joy ─

it is my empathy towards your needs

and my absolute contentedness in meeting them.


Soon you will have forgotten all of this,

each hug, my arms, my hold.

You will have nothing but your own heart

and mind to satisfy, and that is good.


I look in the mirror, I am disheveled,

no time to brush my hair,

which grows with the same minutes as you.

I am slow, you are a wonder of evolution.


When your heart meets mine on my chest,

a universe blooms. 

I love you I whisper,

from your drifting slumber you sigh a moan of return.


I want you to be happy.

I want you to be fulfilled,

but suffering is a part of everyone’s life,

and partly yours will be mine.

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