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Poetry Evening
Friday 22nd 2024 8-9.30pm 
Fitology Kitchen, 27 High Street
Chislehurst, BR7 5AE

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I have set up this poetry evening in order to connect with a local community of poetry lovers to share and listen to our work.


My intention is to create a supportive, friendly space where people can share their poems, whether they are polished or still a work in process.


Everyone is welcome regardless of their writing experience. Bring a buddy, or simply come to listen to local people being creative. 

Fitology Kitchen on Chislehurst High Street, where the event is held, is a lovely cafe/bar with food, cocktails and coffee.


Sarra the manager has kindly offered us the upstair space at no cost. If you attend, please offer her a thank you by purchasing a drink or something to eat. The food is really yummy with lots of plant based options. It may not be to everyones taste but I regularly drop by for a beetroot latte!  

Fitology Kitchen's website is here:


There is lots of free parking after 6.30pm in the area.

See you there beautiful creatives xxx

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